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After you sign up you can start customizing your page. Add your photo and any other images you want to use to personalize your page. Add links to your social media pages. Upload a video and add a blurb about your book. You can also add a preview for your book for your readers to view before purchasing your book. You will also want to purchase your inventory so you can start selling your book. Upload your ebook and audiobook (coming soon) to sell as well.
If you place an order for inventory you will not be billed for the first three months. You can select a monthly payment plan or you can pay for a full year at the discount price. If you do not place an inventory order you will be billed for your first month after 30 days. You can still sell your ebooks and audiobooks through the page and your print books through any links to other online retail markets or fulfill your orders yourself. Your credit card or Paypal account will be billed monthly (or yearly) until you cancel.
Simply delete your account and you will no longer be billed. Any unsold inventory you’ve accrued can be sent to you. You will still be able to keep your free page in our system.
We do not offer refunds. You have complete control over your subscription. You have complete control over your retail orders and shopping cart and are responsible for responding to your customers emails. Our print fulfillment is quality guaranteed and any misprints will be reprinted and resent. We do not cover editorial or file issues in our quality guarantee.
Once you place your initial order of 25 books they will be sent to our warehouse. When your customer places an order it is sent to our fulfillment center and the book is shipped in 1-2 business days by media mail. Your initial order will include the fulfillment fee and the shipping fee. Then every time an order is placed in your shopping cart you will collect the retail price and the shipping and handling and any taxes from your customer. The money will go to your Paypal account immediately. Once your inventory reaches only 5 books you will be sent an email notifying you that you need to place an order. If your inventory drops to below this your cart will be temporarily disabled until you correct this. You are always welcome to fulfill your own orders from the cart from any personal inventory you have but you must change the fulfillment status in your back office. Your back office will track both your inventory and your sales and will allow you to see your customer information as well. It is your responsibility to keep track of your renewal notifications and to keep your inventory levels above 5 books for order fulfillment.